Monday, June 11, 2012

From Here to There

I started this blog and then didn’t post anything for a month. What’s up with that, you may wonder? Changes are afoot.

The first change is that Charlotte Parent magazine is now hosting A Crafty Mess! That’s right, a real live publication likes this little blog! I feel like Sally Field at the 1985 Academy Awards. It’s taken a few weeks to get things up and running with Charlotte Parent, and figure out what goes there and what goes here, so…there was a lull. But I’m back, and full steam ahead.

So what goes where? This may change over time, but for now I’ll be posting twice a month at Charlotte Parent’s website about specific projects to do with kids, and what Amelia and I have learned by trying them first. I’ll still post some of that here as well, but this site will be broader…remember those changes afoot?

About that. I’m planning for a career transition later this summer, which will probably lead to more time at home and less time in an office, at least in the short term. This is a tipping of the scales in a direction I haven’t experienced before, but have long assumed I’d prefer. Mommy Wars, anyone?  Grass is always greener moment or dream come true? I’m about to find out. Amelia and I will soon discover whether Mostly-Home-Mama really cooks, cleans, organizes, manages, volunteers, exercises, cuddles, smiles, bandages, puts little notes in lunchboxes, prepares healthy homemade snacks, reads and crafts as much as Work-Like-A-Fiend-Mama thought she would. The spirit of the blog is the same, but the detours may take a new, even more interesting detour!

I’m excited for the journey and I hope you’ll come along. One foot in front of the other.


  1. Thanks, Lisa - I hope you're right and I'll keep you posted!